Blogmas Day 21 – Interview with my Kids

Hello everyone and welcome to Blogmas Day 21!

Today I’m doing something different, I’m going to be interviewing my children! I know full well that my daughter reads my blog every day without fail, so a massive hello to her!

Let’s get on with the questions

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas 

K – All the food!!

Z – That would be my presents

What’s your favourite food at Christmas 

K – Twiglets

Z – Erm I don’t know, the mini cheddars

What do you like to do at Christmas 

K – Play with my new toys

Z – Open my presents

What’s your favourite Christmas film

K – The Grinch

Z – Santa Buddies

What’s your favourite Christmas carol

K – We three kings

Z – Jingle Bells

Finally, what do you want most for Christmas 

K – Bike

Z – A toilet… my bedroom


So that’s my kids everyone – adorable and honest haha

See you tomorrow for Day 22!

Claire xoxo


2 Comments Add yours

  1. A toilet I need the bedroom sounds great but could you imagine the smells that come out of the room haha, I’m hoping you’re not going to get the for him 😂 Love these answers, your kids sound amazing – Sarah xoxo


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